My Tattoos and What They Mean

This is a transcript of the video:

Hey, guys, it’s Leda so I know it’s been a really really long time almost a year since the last time I did a tattoo video telling you guys about my tattoos and stuff and the meaning behind them. I’m so excited that since it was probably one of the most requested videos I’ve had this entire year then I finally do one even though I’m getting a couple more so my first tattoo ever I got when I was 14. I did get it without my parent’s permission, which was an bad idea, but for me it’s kind of like a sign of growing up. In a way like that’s just the way that I look at it not only do I really love the tattoo it’s the Japanese kanji symbol for dream, with my favorite flower which is a cherry blossom. So my second tattoo. I’m still kind of weird about showing on camera but it’s it’s a King of Hearts symbol like the heart with the crown on top. One of my best friends in the world did it for me and you know just that alone, the fact that you know no one ever really sees this tattoo, but the fact that I know I have it and that she did it is just like totally enough for me because it’s one of my favorite tattoos because of that. And my third tattoo is this one, and this is the second no it’s the first verse in the song Even Star from the Two Towers. Roughly it means now is not the end it is the beginning do not let yourself fall even when you have trust in nothing else and that’s basically kind of like the motto I live by. It’s in the language the elvish language created by J.R. Tolkien and J.R. Tolkien is one of my favorite people in the world. He’s a huge inspiration and the language is called tengwar and the branches send Aaron so this is the Night Elf crest from World of Warcraft basically what this crest is it’s like it’s the sentinals crest or just basically kind of like it’s a sign of guardianship and wisdom. I also just really loved idols in my favorite race and World of Warcraft so this one I got after that. This is probably my most important tattoo I recently got be done because the way that it was done before kind of made it look like stickers kind of but so I just got a background done over it and these butterflies used to be crumbling but the reason that I got them filled in was because with the background it would look way too cluttered if I had them broken up still so it still possesses the same meaning though basically what it was is when I was going into ninth grade when I was 14. I was like really really upset about everything. I hated where I lived, I hated everything about everywhere and my dad I wern’t on very good terms with him at the time, so I didn’t really like acknowledge everything that he said. He took me to like a field he told me to look out the window and said when you look out the field and do you see pretty or do you see ugly? And that I was like oh I hate it it’s ugly, I hate it so much and then he said all right, close your eyes and imagine a butterfly. Do you think it’s pretty or do you think it’s ugly? And I was like well I think it’s pretty because I like butterflies, they’re pretty and so I was like yeah they’re pretty. And he was like okay so now keep your eyes closed and look at the same butterfly in your head and imagine it as ugly, just convince yourself it’s ugly. Just imagine it that way so I did I was like okay well that’s that’s ugly, it’s like an insect and has like in, it’s creepy and stuff so yeah it’s ugly and then he was like, okay now open your eyes and look out at the field that you thought was really ugly before and apply the same concept in your head to the place that you previously thought was ugly or how I use it today, the situation that you see is ugly and look at it as beautiful so that’s basically what I apply to my life now, is whenever something really bad happens, if it is a bad situation you can look at it as beautiful it might take a little bit of effort but you can still look at something that’s very very seemingly ugly and see it as a beautiful thing. So this tattoo is dedicated to my Dad and so it’s one of my most important ones I’ve ever gotten ever and I think ever will get so anyway the one that came after my chest piece was this Espeon tattoo it’s also one of my favorites it’s because when I was little when people would roleplay as Pokemon in my kindergarten schoolyard I’d always say that I wanted to be Espeon but they always told me that I had to be Geodude because I was not the most popular and not the prettiest I guess you could say of kids and my kindergarten class and so I got this Espeon tattoo because it was always the one that I wanted to be and I never got to be it and so I got a tattoo of it and it’s always been my favorite Pokemon. And the one I got after that is I love you guys can see it very well this one on the back of my neck is no face from the Hayao Miyazaki’s studio Ghibli film spirited away which was always my favorite Studio Ghibli film and he was always my favorite character from that film because he no face is basically he’s really innocent but he has like a dark side it kind of he kind of just represents like the fact that people have a light and a dark side, and the one after that was a couple of all at the same time, here it’s the Horde symbol just because like no horde was the first place that I played on or the first faction I played on and so I just I just really like a symbol to do so and let’s see also this one which I got at the same time right here and it means friend and me and Serena actually got this on our wrists together so yeah and it’s my goodness and I also got this on the same day which is one of the tattoos I’ve just always been wanting so I got it but it’s a step sprite from spirited away just saying maybe that no faces from and it’s just they’re just so cute it’s just like a little soot sprite that are like they’re super happy and then they have these little star candies and that I can’t really see it very well but it’s a little mario star and then the ones after that which are pretty recent, these ones on my back here’s one of them you may recognize these cats if you didn’t already know I had these this one is Daya my little black kitty and this one is Arcane and they’re just basically it’s my cats but they’re in like size and a little witch hat with pumpkins and stuff and like in a graveyard and our Canyon is basically he’s like in an alchemist lab and he has like a little wizard hat and a little cloak and stuff like that and some potions in the background. And then my most recent one was actually getting this one redone. So anyway, you guys I hope you liked that video and I will continue to do a tattoo update videos as I get more tattoos because I plan on getting quite a few more. Anyway you guys I love you so much seriously I always will and so does Pink’s she loves you guys too and I can’t wait to see some of you guys at Playlist it was so so amazing meeting you guys earlier this week at Niagara Falls. Seriously it was one of the best days I’ve ever had and remember to keep smiling and don’t let your day tell you it’s don’t let your day be bad ok I love you guys so much hugs okay fine.