Five tips on how to find the right tattoo artist.

5 helpful Tattoo Tips for your first tattoo.

Number one Decide on what you want to get. If you’re not so sure, go on Pinterest, TikTok or Instagram, because those are basically the platforms you want to be on as far as It comes to tattoo inspiration. So now you know what you want to get done.

Tip number two is about deciding or finding out what the style is of this tattoo. You can do this by clicking on the picture.

Sometimes they use hashtags in the description and you can find out the style of your new tattoo, and this helps you to go on to tip number three

Tip number 3. Now you know what you want to get plus you know the style of your new tattoo, now you’re going to decide on where you’re going to get it done. Is this going to be in a specific shop or with a specific artist? The reason I ask this is that an artist can work basically anywhere. This can be from a tattoo shop to a private studio which can be located. … yeah, like I said, anywhere. You’re almost there, you’re almost ready to get your new tattoo, but you need to do one more thing.

Tip number 4. Two more things to be exact, but this is the fourth thing you want to do is be very, very picky on choosing your artist or shop. So you decided already you want to go here or you want to go there, but look at the work go. Go look in the portfolio, if there is anything you have some questions marks or red flags about maybe you should find a different artist. Make sure the feeling is right.

Tip number 5. Last but not least, you’re going to shoot your artist or shop a message. When you do this make sure you are very very clear on what you want to get. Explain the style. Explain the placement of your new tattoo. Basically, be very clear on what you want to get because the clearer you are the quicker you will get a quick reply from your tattoo shop.