Badass Boxing Tattoos

Boxing is one of the oldest sports in history, with the earliest images coming from the 3rd millennium BC in Iraq. Boxing became extremely popular in ancient Greece and was introduced as an Olympic sport in 688 BC The sport declined in popularity in the following centuries to be resurrected in England in the 17th century. This form of boxing was a bare knuckle and was called prize fighting, a sport that had no written rules. The fight for awards gained notoriety in the late 1800s and early 1900s, as the sport was banned in Britain and the United States but flourished in the underground. The sport we know today rose from illegal places and modern boxing became an Olympic sport in 1904.

From top-hatted mustachioed boxers to a symbolic pair of gloves, to even a more lighthearted kangaroo boxing depiction, traditional boxer tattoos mark an undefeated spirit, no matter how many fights life brings your way. Whoever throws the punches, it’s important to never stay down; we must rise stronger and wiser and more assured than before we hit the ground.

Wear your boxer tattoo on your shoulder, forearm, or chest to let the world know that while your fists may not be up, they’re still at the ready.